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I’m Nick Fisher. I live in Berlin and work at SoundCloud as a front-end developer. Right now, I eat, live and breathe Javascript, but I also was a PHP/MySQL guy in a previous life. When I’m being nerdy in my spare time, I hack around with some plugins for Sublime Text 2, plus some other Javascript stuff, including NodeJS. I also spend some time on Stack Overflow.

Here are some of my projects which you can find on Github:

  • Tyrtle, a Javascript unit testing framework for the browser and node
  • Myrtle, a Javascript mocking framework
  • Record, a PHP ORM class
  • Sublime Text Plugins
    • JSDocs, gives assistance while writing javadoc-style comments in Javascript and PHP
    • AsAbove, plugin to duplicate the character in the line above your cursor
    • ToggleQuotes, makes switching the quote characters on strings super easy
    • OpenRecentFiles, does what it says!
    • DefaultFileType, opens new files with the same type as the current file


Good question! Firstly, it’s pronounced “spad-joss”. Spadgos as a word doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a word a friend of mine made up, and now I tend to use it since you can be guaranteed no one has taken that username before you.

Contact me

You can send me an email at spadgos at google’s mail service.