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A New Beginning

Yep, it’s a new blog! Hooray!

The last blog was, to be kind, crap. It was something I’d just thrown together to get it working. I chose a standard off-the-shelf wordpress theme, and that was about the limit of the effort I spent getting it set up. For someone who writes about the web, it was an embarassment, really.

Anyway, that was the past!

I’ve now set up with a new blogging engine, Octopress, which is built on top of Jekyll. It’s described as a “hacker’s” blog — you write the content in a language such as markdown or textile, and then Octopress parses and converts it into static HTML pages. From there, you publish via rsync or, what I’m doing now, pushing to a github repository. Deployment via version control seems so very right, you know?

Despite my comments about the stock-standardness of my previous blog, the current one is still using the default packaged theme, but I’ll get onto that shortly, I swear. I’ll also look into migrating (and perhaps vetting) the posts from the old blog too.

Exciting times for a nerd.